Chris Harris at Geneva Motor Show

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Traditionally motor shows are normally only on the radar of motoring journalists and dudes who wear car branded apparel, thats not a cuss, its just they’re like most trade show, relatively niche. Until this year, I’ve noticed there’s been unusually high levels of exposure for the Geneva Motorshow by some less than typical sources. From Hypebeast Porsche centric posts, to lifestyle bloggers being sent on jollys by desperate manufactures. It’s seems the motor show is back.

I’m not sure even if motorshow is the right name nowadays? Whatever they’re now called I’ve fond memories of visiting them at the NEC as kid, laden down with bags of brochures and several of those funny paper caps balanced on my head. In my adolescence I think I even stole a ashtray from a Yugo at one of them, a sorry trophy I know. I digress, so there’s been loads of noise on social media about this years GMS, most of it about the new Porsche GT3rs and Cayman GT4. Therefore if you are genuinely interested in the highlights you need a trusted source to cut through the ill informed bullshit and press release regurgitation, this video from Chris Harris is it. I particularly enjoyed his healthy disregard for the suits patrolling the various stands and the rightful calling out the Lamborghini West End posers. So if you actually like cars go watch Chris Harris and Neils Careys video below, or if you don’t then just head over any number of random blogs full of the same old press pics and the chance to win a *insert car brand here*.

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