Goodwood Revival & Petrolicious

Posted on September 11, 2015 in Wheels — Share this via

With Goodwood Revival just around the corner I’m getting the usual excitement of seeing, hearing and smelling the wonders that Lord March has in store for us this year. Therefore it seemed timely to post this glorious film from Petrolicious, which is sublime even by their usual high standards. It got me thinking about Revival and whether Peter Giacobbi incredible 1959 Ferrari 250 TR recreation would be eligible for a golden ticket? Sadly I probably doubt it as its providence is just a little too chequered, rules are rules right? Although I’m personally with Peter in that this is every bit as worthy of wearing the prancing pony badge, and I like to think if LM watched this video this might be one ‘recreation’ thats the exception (much more so than the corporate PR excerise Jag peddled out with that Lightweight E-Type recently). I’l leave you to watch it and make your own call, but suffice to say make sure your volume is up because the noise this beast makes is quite breath taking. What a car.

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