Porsche 911SC Martini Hot Rod

Posted on February 26, 2015 in Wheels — Share this via

This tale begins at me seeing this pretty blue 911SC on The Escape Road Instagram and being entranced. A quick IG comment later and its builder and creator Matt Hart directed me to the full story on a forum post entitled ‘My 911 Martini Hot Rod ‘.


You know when you read car articles they often contain ‘I remember seeing one as a kid and always wanted one blah blah…’. Well the 930SC is that moment for me. At the time when I was 10 or 11 years old I was unaware of the relatively lowly status of this particular model in the overall 911 scheme of things, (which is illustrated by the SC still being one of the most realistically priced vintage 911s available currently). No all I remember was seeing a bright blue Porsche, just like my toy one parked in a local dealership. I can still remember that feeling of having my face pressed against the glass, staring at that particular steering wheel and thinking this is just something else! Whats it doing here in my small towns dealership? It felt seeing like a visiting dignitary.

Fast forward a whole bunch of years and I’m now a lot more familiar with the subtle nuances of the 911 demographic, but upon seeing Matts SC it appealed to all my particular Porker predilections (just the right level of purpose and civility) while managing to fulfil that oh so important childhood narrative. I mean just the term ‘Hot Rod’ being applied to anything makes it instantly cooler, right? It does to me anyway. Kudos to Matt for his taste in modifications, they’re just right, shame I missed out on buying it or living in the right hemisphere. If you need me I’ll be over in the classified for a while, again!

Visit Escape road IG to see more on his current project, a beautiful Plymouth Barracuda.

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