Slammed Land Rover and pumped up Toyota Celica

Posted on January 12, 2017 in Wheels — Share this via


Catchy post title hey? Although I guess you could sum up these two rides with a play on the phrase, ‘what goes up should come down and vice versa’. Slammed Land Rovers have been popping up here and there for a few years but it seems Bryns Series 1 is still the benchmark of ridiculous radness. Read more about it here and theres a few cool videos of Bryns and Ned @ Hayburn Magazine incredible 24hour slammed Landie build. Here and here

Moving onto the Celia I was stopped in my tracks when I saw these photos on the ever incredible StanceWorks. Its just looks so purposeful and potent, like a real life Tamiya radio controlled car. Also there just something extremely cool about a rally car without sponsors or team livery. Go read more here



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